17 Jun 2015

UN Agencies continue their work in Kosovo. With the support of the Finnish Government, these agencies are scaling up the Gender Based Violence Programme in northern municipalities and will continue to support employment and economic development in the sectors of agriculture, forestry, and services. In order to receive feedback from the citizens of the North […]

14 Apr 2015

Kosovo Civil Registration Agency under the umbrella of MIA provided its direct assistance to displaced Kosovo Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian in Montenegro through the issuance of birth extracts, ID cards and passports. The cooperation between Kosovo and Montenegro institutions ensured reduction of undocumented persons and efforts in finding durable solutions to the protracted situation of displacement.

03 Jul 2015

Pristina, 02 July 2015   The United Nations Kosovo Team (UNKT) and the Kosovo authorities gathered today to discuss the final draft version of the UNKT mid-term strategic planning document, ‘UN Common Development Plan 2016- 2020’ (CDP). The document sets out the shared priorities of the team that are then translated into joint programmes and […]

17 Mar 2015

UNHCR is launching the “2015 Entry-Level Humanitarian Professional Program (EHP)” targeted at highly motivated internal and external candidates with relevant work experience, who are ready to start a career as international civil servants. Please click here for the details of the programme and how you can apply.  Closing date for applications April 6, 2015. The […]