26 Mar 2015

Obesity is no longer a concern solely of higher income, developed countries. The prevalence of obesity and overweight has risen in all regions, including in low-income countries. Today, nearly half of all countries are struggling with both undernutrition and overweight/obesity. Indeed, undernutrition and obesity often co-exist in the same communities -- even in the same household.

04 Feb 2015

Kosovo has been one of the countries and territories that have engaged in the new phase of roll out process for providing UN development support  in the next five years. The document is named the ‘UN Common Development Plan 2015- 2020’. While the skeleton of the five years plan has been already established in consultation […]

17 Mar 2015

UNHCR is launching the “2015 Entry-Level Humanitarian Professional Program (EHP)” targeted at highly motivated internal and external candidates with relevant work experience, who are ready to start a career as international civil servants. Please click here for the details of the programme and how you can apply.  Closing date for applications April 6, 2015. The […]

13 Mar 2015

Fifteen years after the end of armed conflict an estimated 1,655 persons remain missing (reference: ICRC). These persons remain missing, seemingly without witnesses to attest to their fate or whereabouts, in the context of an area in the middle of the European continent, with an estimated population density of 164 persons per square kilometer (reference: […]